Technology is part of our daily life; it has transformed society and people, has created new possibilities and ways of life. But others have changed or disappeared, and with them a way to understand the world.
Taking your bearings and looking for a north (norte in Spanish) or focus point, is a way of finding your path, taking the right road, not only in terms of your destination but also for the journey itself.
We all have a north, a focus, a purpose. Ours is learning to live closer to what seems real, to get to know our surroundings, feel useful and capable of doing things for ourselves.

“All good things are wild and free”, H. D. Thoreau

NORTE is a project made up of stories through which we get to know people who can teach us to do something useful in the old sense of the word.
Our aim is to transmit their passion for what they know, and out motivation is to learn. And ultimately involve more people in this concern.

This project was conceived by slow during a few days in June 2011 in the mountains.